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Marketing Consultancy Malta - emmadiacono Ltd.

  Many companies fully understand the need to develop the marketing of their business but are unclear as to the return on investment that will be delivered by establishing a dedicated in-house marketing team. As a result it is frequently the owners and directors of these companies that end up “doing the marketing” on top of their many other responsibilities.

We can act as your company's ‘outsourced marketing department’, providing effective project management to deliver all your marketing and communication needs and just like an in-house marketing department, leaving you free to focus on where you add most value in the company, on all the other business critical activities. Alternatively we can simply help out in the areas where you need most assistance. We are able to flex the service we provide dependent upon your needs.

We can take care of:
  • developing and managing the implementation of your marketing strategy
  • managing the planning process and developing your activity plans
  • developing and implementing your internet and online marketing strategy
  • delivering direct marketing campaigns
  • managing your advertising and PR
  • developing your corporate identity and branding

  Perception Management and Public Relations is about telling your story, building your brand and setting you apart from the competition. The strategy and plan is particular to and varies from company to company. It would typically involve a variety of public relations activities and corporate social responsibility. Effective brand communications can transform brand perceptions and catapult awareness, interest and demand. We will work with you to develop and implement a strategy to improve the perception or increase visibility of your company.

  We believe that marketing is not simply everything you do to promote your product or service, but it also everything that ‘touches’ your customer. For this reason internal communications and marketing is essential to make sure your people are on the same page and portray the same image and message. We start with an in-depth look at your strategies, concerns and business aspirations. Then, we work with you to create an internal communications and marketing plan that will take your organisation and its people closer to their goals.

  Corporate branding and the image portrayed does not stop at a company logo, business cards and brochures. At emmadiacono we examine the company inside out to be able to propose initiatives that will support and sustain the corporate image you are trying to portray from potentially proposing staff training to all the support material and collateral an organization may need.

  We use this term to refer to any other project or initiative that a company may wish to undertake but either does not have the particular skills, the available time or resources, or warrant taking a new full-time overhead on the payroll.

Just as a personal concierge would be your Personal Time Provider, businesses also at times need extra support for a specific project or certain ongoing business support needs. By simply handing over the "To Do List" and making it ours, we can "give the luxury of time" leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Examples of such services would include:
  • Corporate Events & Corporate Client Hospitality
  • Team Building and Staff Events
  • Management of any project or new development that a company may be undertaking such as an office move, launch of new premises, product launch, new Corporate Website - project management and content development, IPO.
  • Annual Financial Reports - Management of Process, including production of the reports, publication and distribution
  • Project Management of entire AGM process
  • Project Management specific to Listed Companies and PLC obligations
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