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Marketing Services Malta - emmadiacono Ltd.

Working to your budget and deadlines we act as an outsourced PR and marketing team either for a specific project such as developing a PR campaign or creating a monthly email newsletter, to free up some of your time and resources or over a longer period, handling multiple tasks.

There are dozens of different marketing techniques, some will be more relevant to you than others. Our role will be to create the best marketing mix to match your budget and then work with you to implement your marketing plan.

With over eight years of experience in the marketing field, events and project management with some of Malta’s leading companies operating on an international scale, we only take on projects that we can do justice to in order to ensure that we deliver on our promise each and every time.
  We have the energy
We have the experience
We are committed to excellence of service
We believe in attention to detail
We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Ultimately we do whatever needs to be done to ensure our clients receive exactly what they want!
  Our Marketing Services are not to be confused with the services provided by an advertising agency. We act as a liaison and filter between our clients and their multiple agencies, providing improved communications and better use of already established resources.

We take a holistic strategic view of marketing. We believe marketing is not simply everything you do to promote your product or service, but it is also everything that `touches` your customer.

We hate to spend your money! Using marketing experience, insight and commercial skills we bring rigour and a fresh pair of eyes to the table.  We understand and build on what’s working, identify and overcome issues and develop plans to realise your ambitions quickly and cost effectively.

We don’t claim to be marketing gurus. But what we do promise is an excellent service delivered to the highest standards, utmost efficiency and steadfast reliability. We are able to add value to your business, but most importantly we are approachable and friendly people who are easy to work with and who understand the stresses and strains of maintaining and growing a business day to day.

  Whether you wish to outsource all your marketing activity to us or whether you wish us to come on board to help out in the areas where you need most assistance, we adopt the following approach:

Step 1: At the outset we will work alongside you so as to gain a comprehensive understanding of your market, the competition and your customers.

Step 2: We will then endeavour to wholly understand your organisation, its challenges and its aims and goals for the future.

Step 3: Once we have a thorough understanding of your organisation and the market in which it operates we will devise bespoke strategic marketing solutions and draft a marketing plan of action.

Step 4: The make or break stage in strategic marketing is the implementation stage. Rest assured, we can help you put these strategic solutions into action. Our aim is to follow through with implementation so that the strategies will have a tangible effect on your results. We always strive to meet your needs, whatever they are and take pride in what we do for you.
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